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Service So Good

It’s not often that a local estate agent gets to feel like one of the emergency services, but when one family was stranded a few years ago by the volcanic ash cloud over Iceland, Brewer and Brewer mobilised to help.

As owner, Keith Brewer, recalls, Nigel and Sara and their three children were both buying and selling through his offices and had taken a holiday just before they were due to complete and move in.

“Everything was set to go for them when the ash cloud hit. They were in Orlando, Florida, and about to fly back when suddenly all flights destined for the UK were grounded and they couldn’t get back to move house! They called us and explained, obviously feeling very stuck over there. That’s when we decided to step in and see what we could do.”

And step in Brewers did. They moved house for Nigel, Sara and their children.

“We basically did everything,” Keith says. “our whole office got involved, I think. One of us got quotes from removal firms, one of us organised some of their friends and family to help pack things up in their old home. We had the meters read and just took care of all the details. We even looked after their wallets in our safe!”

And the result? The five-strong family came home from their holiday to a whole NEW home!

“It was a real Team effort in every sense” Keith adds. “Not exactly International Rescue, but something like it!”

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